Poročila in odzivi

Kolokvij je bil zelo odmeven tudi v mednarodnem prostoru. Naše poročilo o tem je objavljeno v IFUW poročilu na trienalni konferenci v Istanbulu.

“IFUW news
Prospect of gladiatorial fight puts women off push for top

The International Federation of University Women’s (IFUW) Colloquia Project, exploring the paucity of female leaders in academia, is cited in the Times Higher Education Supplement. Women are not applying for top positions at universities because they do not want to be dragged into “gladiatorial” leadership battles.

Speaking at a colloquium organised by IFUW under its International Colloquia Project, member Euginia George-Genyi, a lecturer in political sciences at Benue State University, in Makurdi, Nigeria, said that many female academics did not seek leadership posts because they were intimidated by the “combative and often violent” nature of running for top office. Others were put off by deep-rooted cultural beliefs that women who pursued leadership roles were unfeminine, Dr George-Genyi told an audience of female academics at her own university.

Article; http://www.ifuw.org/what/activities/colloquia/

Objava v UK’s Times Higher Education. (Page 1 is columns 3 and 4 and page 2 is columns 1 and 2. You can also access the article on: )


Poročilo iz kolokvija – slovensko


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